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Full Version: [Bug] / Request? - weathersettings, picturessettings not Working!
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Do i have to write This? Huh

Looks i do, as long i didn't miss something

In the Skinningchanges Krypton Tread these Windownames wasnt mentioned as "removed window names" or broken

but The Wiki sais:
Quote:picturessettings - Removed in v17 Krypton
weathersettings - Removed in v17 Krypton

So i guess The reason they dont Work, is might not a "Bug" (even if Nuke something as usefull and Funktional could consider as one.)


So is there at least a Replacement?

Did Already try "ActivateWindowAndFocus(foo, bar) -> Without sucsess (Settingswindow opened, without a Idea what the "id" of for Example "Weatther" could be, it fails. (did try several with just guessing Numbers).).



So whats the Solution here?
you did miss something ;-)

2325425 (post)
(2016-10-24, 21:18)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]you did miss something ;-)

2325425 (post)

Did only have a quick look at the First Post where it isnt named under "Removed Window Names"


Suprised im the First one who write Something about this.

From my Point of View it would meke sense to have this functionality back in some manner. (ActivateWindowAndFocus(foo, bar) with a id-list for thows subcathegories as example.)

where "bar" could be neighter a "Item Id" (would need a List in the Wiki) or the Settingscathegory Name ("weather" as example)


Suprised im the first who aim fore this.
Already there, already working.
Example: ActivateWindow(servicesettings,weather)
(2016-10-24, 21:58)phil65 Wrote: [ -> ]Already there, already working.
Example: ActivateWindow(servicesettings,weather)

Ha, how could i miss that, i could swear i did try it, even if i didnt finde some Information about this + i didnt see it in any Skin i try.

Glad to hear this is Working!! (usefull imho.)