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Full Version: Season Cover not displayed
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Hallo there,

I've been oranizing my Video-Library since Helix times to get all possible fanart shown in Transparency!, e.g. Cover, Backdrop for whole series or each season. I had those tested on Windows back then.
Recently I've switched to Android, as it provided better hardware for H265 decoding.

Now I've noticed that Transparency! seems no longer to display season-covers, backdrops are working fine in episode listings, so I'd like to exclude read-permission-issues (as both files are stored in the same directory). Covers and Backdrops seemed not to be displayed in Seasons-menu (before actually seeing the episodes; with *AllSeasons, Season 1, etc.).

The files are stored like this:

<series>\Season 1\cover.jpg
<series>\Season 1\fanart.jpg
<series>\Season 1\poster.jpg
<series>\Season 2\cover.jpg
<series>\Season 2\fanart.jpg
<series>\Season 2\poster.jpg

The tvshow.nfo is storing a list of paths to each image, associating a season to each. The section look like this:

<thumb type="season" season="-1">smb://<server>/XBMC/Serien/<series>/cover_all.jpg</thumb>
<thumb type="season" season="0">smb://<server>/XBMC/Serien/<series>/Season 0/cover.jpg</thumb>
<thumb type="season" season="1">smb://<server>/XBMC/Serien/<series>/Season 1/cover.jpg</thumb>
<thumb type="season" season="2">smb://<server>/XBMC/Serien/<series>/Season 2/cover.jpg</thumb>
    <thumb type="season" season="-1">smb://<server>/XBMC/Serien/<series>/fanart_all.jpg</thumb>
    <thumb type="season" season="0">smb://<server>/XBMC/Serien/<series>/Season 0/fanart.jpg</thumb>  
    <thumb type="season" season="1">smb://<server>/XBMC/Serien/<series>/Season 1/fanart.jpg</thumb>
    <thumb type="season" season="2">smb://<server>/XBMC/Serien/<series>/Season 2/fanart.jpg</thumb>

A quick test on Windows seems to reveal the same, so it might not be a android related issue, but I'll test this on some more installations.

I've been using the nightly build from 2016-10-22 and the most recent skin from krypton-repositiory.

Am I missing something obvious here? Any hints are highly appreciated. If I should provide more information or screenshots, just let me know.

as far as i know season posters need to be in the root of the tvshow folder


it's at least what i'm using ;-)
Hi Ronie,

thanks for repley. I'll test this for posters, but what about the cover itself? Should this work?

I'll let you know, how it's going with these posters ....
well, i think you're referring to the same thing... or is there a difference between a poster and a cover?

as far as kodi is concerned, it only recognizes these filenames for artwork:
I've reorganized the image files accordingly to your hint and it's working as expected, thanks for the hints. But I'm quite sure it had been different when I first wrote my script for Helix. At least it should have been working for Transparency! 7 or so (whatever version it was back then).

As for a differnce between cover and poster, I'd vote yes here:
cover could refer to the image put on the actual casing for DVD or BD, which you bought
poster could refer to the image used in cinemas for the very same movie, you've now purchased on DVD or BD

At least this is how it's different in Collectorz Movie Collector, which I'm using to organize my video collection.

As for the original question; I think this one is closed, thanks.