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Full Version: Xonfluence menu help.
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Help! I'm so confused.

I decided to switch from Mezzmo to Kodi since Kodi seems infinitely more functional. To say nothing of being able to stream my Anime.

After a little research, I decided to use the Pulse CCM build from Ares. Pulse uses the Xonfluence skin.

What I want to do seems so simple, yet I'm at the point of scraping the whole idea. What has me teetering on the screaming edge of madness?

A menu item. That's all. Just a menu item.

I have a SMB server with 7 or 8 directories that I want divided under 2 parents on Kodi - JL and PL. I want a menu item that says NAS that will bring up JL and PL - and more.

I got that NAS menu text on the scroller. I can also load the SMB directories into Kodi. But no amount of research seems to lead me to where I need to go next.

If there was someone willing to help me, I could PM (or post) a rough drawing of what I want and and SMB directory details of what I currently have.

Thank you.

First off, I would recommend builds that are from Team Kodi only. Other people compiling Kodi could bloat your install with malware.......... Or worse.

Secondly, I think you need to add your video sources under "Videos> Add Video Files". The way your post reads, it sounds like you've added your SMB source thru File Explorer.

I'm sure we all know what you are wanting, based on your description, so what we will need is a more detailed explanation of what you've already done.

One more small tip...............Try lurking thru the Xonfluence thread to see if any answers have already been posted because that thread is a wealth of knowledge for this skin.

Keep us updated and we will keep trying to get you where you wanna be.
Thank you for the sound advice. I've gone back to the stock Confluence skin and will work with that until I'm comfortable with it. I'm not sure what a "Team Kodi" skin is, but whatever skin I use I'd like it to be the same for both Windows and Android.

I think I'll do this one step at a time. Right now, I'm cleaning up my cesspool of a library to make it suitable for running through the Media Center Master NFO generator. I've come to the conclusion that mixing both tv shows and movies in the same series folder is bad etiquette; a little like blowing your nose at the dinner table.

I have two SMB test folders - Movies and TV Shows loaded up in Video files and they look perfect (with a few minor exceptions).

I'll post again when I'm ready for the next step.

Thank you again for your advice.

You said you used a build from Ares? Correct? The skin has zero to do with the build. The "build" is Kodi itself, the skin is just the graphical interface. Groups that aren't "Team Kodi" can download the source files and compile their own versions of Kodi prepackaged with certain add-ons, skins and so on.

There really is no "Team Kodi" skin unless we are counting the skins that are default for Kodi. Kodi 16 default is Confluence and Kodi 17 defaults to Estuary.

I really wasn't trying to get you to leave Xonfluence. It's a great skin, homie, and once you get the swing of customization on it........ WHEW!!! It looks soooooo damn good!!

The reason I suggested the Xonfluence thread is mainly because it really is a great source of info and secondly because Helly, the person who made Xonfluence, is really good about answering questions (and so are most of the other guy and gals).

I also noticed that you are kinda new to Kodi, having moved from Mezzmo, and would highly recommend a look at the Wiki for any answers on how to set up sources and such. It's all fairly easy once you become familiar with things.

Good Luck!!

*A "Team Kodi Build" is an official build that can be downloaded from Kodi.tv