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Full Version: ARGUS TV wont enable
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HI All,
Been using kodi 16 with argus 2.3 for a while now and decided to upgrade.
I have found that I can not get any pvr working with any of the Kodi 17 betas.
Is it just me or has this been disabled from Kodi v17

Please help as it is doing my head in. I want to run the latest as i was having a couple of issues with the epg in 16 not coming up all the time.

Thanks in advance
ArgusTV stopped working after the nightly from 24th (KodiSetup-20161023-48f2dbd-master.exe) hopefully it will get fixed soon. I havent checked any of the other backends so not sure if its a general issue or only with ArgusTV.
But in the meantime if you download this nightly it is working

Update: It is working again with the latest nightly update (28th Oct)
same me Argus wont "enable"! get an error warning that Argus is "connection fail"