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Full Version: Button to Jump to ArtistInfo right From DialogSong- or Album-Info
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Would like to have a Button which would alow me to jump to ArtistInfo right from the Dialog Albuminfo / Dialog SongInfo.

Mainreason is just to get the Info.

With "Search on Youtube" Button in Dialog Artist Info this would open new possibilyties:
Lets say u listen to a Song which u like, then you could open the Songinfo Dialog -> switch to the Artist Dialog, and there search on Youtube for (other) Songs from this Artist. Or simply brows the Artistrelated Discographie.

So in short, think such a Button (/Funktionality) would be a nice improvement.
This might be doable via a script in the near future.
See 10616 (PR)
Thanks for the Info.

Sounds great.

This would mean it "only" would need someone who does a Script which would allow to open "Artistinfo" from "SongInfo"?

Do i get that right that with this addition, it would be possible to open the "default" ArtistInfo Dialog. (Infos from the Library, just the Same as if you would open the ArtistInfo while browsing to your Library by "Artist"?
yes, you would get the "default" artistinfo dialog.
Writing the script would be very easy, I could do it if noone beats me to it.
wow gr8!


Wondering if This PR could be extended to the AddonInfoDialog, (Or a second PR)

The Idea would be to be abel to open The AddonInfoDialog for from the Skin supportet Addons instead of just install them.


The Idea Would be, to have a List (Skinsettings or elswhere), which lists all from the Skin supported Addons, and allow to acces the Addoninfodialog right from there, instead of just use "installAddon"

wait, got a different Idea (will see if it findes some support... )

Feature Request "New Addonbrowsesr kathegory" -> Link

(In general im just looking for a way to deal with "Skinsupported Addons/Scripts" in a similar way as possible within the Addonbrowser (open Infodialog, Install, enable, disable, configure, ..)

Not shure at the Moment what would make more sense, a new Addonbrowser Kathegory or allow Skinners to open the Addoninfodialog for a specific Addon. (even if the above linked Request get some support, guess probably still nice to have this possability aniway..