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Full Version: My Movies Scraper Crashing Kodi
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I have all my Movies backed up to my HD, but i hit a snag i just bought Underworld Awakening on 3D Blu Ray
I backed it up and MY Movies made the XML
But if i try and Scan it with the My Movies Scraper Kodi Crashes, its the second time this has happen in 14 Days.
Anyone else having this kind of problem, if i use the Kodi Movie Scraper forgot the name, the default one, no crashes works as it should.
Just kinda annoying having bought the 2500 points for My Movies years ago having tagged all Movies With My Movies, and not being able to use the scraper.
Forgot to mention only happen with Blu Rays
Okay i think i found the snag
1. LoadGif(): Memory consumption too high: 130896000 bytes. Restricting animation to 57. "That's bad"
2. I no longer use a certain program addon which name i dare not write, since i like being here, and i think my goodwill from the Team Kodi Staff has been used up for the remaining year.
But the XML still contains ref to no longer existing Artwork
The End
Thank You
Quick note, if anyone was wondering about the Gif it was my Avatar Gif.
And something strange about that gif file size was way to big for such a small cover.gif.
But everything gone now, every xml gif thumb jpg "got SHIFT DEL".
Thank my Creator for the fact i had made Video_TS.nfo files for every DVD, just my Blu Rays need updating for some reason index.nfo does not seem to go down well. its like woops sry
The End
Thank you