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Full Version: Scheduling Recurring Recordings
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I have been using ArgusTV as a backend to Mediaportal for a while now but am investigating the possibility of switching to Kodi. I currently have Kodi up and running on another networked machine and it works fine with the ArgusTV backend on the HTPC.

When using Mediaportal if I select a forthcoming program from the EPG I get the option to record just this program / record every time on this channel / record every time on any channel. ArgusTV supports this and I can set the same directly from the ArgusTV scheduler. However there seems to be conflicting information as to whether this can be done with Kodi and if so what plugins (if any) are required.

Can it be done? And if so, what do I need to install?

This can be done with Kodi if the respective Kodi pvr client add-on does support it (and ofc also the backend this add-on connects to).

To my knowledge, ArgusTV pvr client add-on does NOT support series recordings. My observation is, that this add-on is currently not very well maintained. If it would be, the maintainer could "just" implement it. ;-)
That's a shame. Argus/Kodi seems such a nice combination.

Never used anything but Argus but is there any other backend/plugin combination that does offer series recording?

I chose ArgusTV because I liked the ability it offered to access more than one channel in the same multiplex using only a single card. I should add that I am using it and Mediaportal on a Windows 7 based machine.

tvheadend, vdr.vnsi, mythtv, wmc, mediaportal, nextpvr, vbox (soon)
Am I correct in thinking that apart from Mediaportal (which I am already using - at least the frontend) and wmc (that is no longer supported) nextpvr is the only one of those that runs on windows. Perhaps time for me to shift the whole HTPC over to Linux.