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Full Version: Introduce a new Kathegory "Skinrelated Addons" in Addonbrowser
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As the Thenor seems to be these days to set as less Scripts and Addons as dependency as possible, i did think about a new way to deal with Addons and scripts which got "native" Skinsupport.

The Idea Would be to introduce a new Kathegory "Skinrelated Addons" within the Addonbrowser, which would list all Addons with "Native" Skinsupport.

The Idea Would be to be abel to list them in the Addon.xml beside the dependencies, and the Addonbrowser would be abel to show them in a own kathegory beside "User Addons", "install from repository" and so on.


Currently most skins start to list supported Addons in the Skinsettings, and allow the user to Install them from there, maybe it would make sense to handle this diffrently in the Future. / ?