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Full Version: [RELEASE] YAC Caller ID Listener (Script) YAC Caller ID Listener & Notifier for XBMC
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get it here and read the doc :

my scripts page
this is a sweet ass script. i was just wondering how hard it would be to make a list of recognized phone numbers and display a picture of the person or something rather than just the number. that would be pretty cool, unfortunately i don't know python, although i could do it if someone can point me to a good python site, assuming what im asking can be done.
i have now implemented this in the newest version of my yac script.

RogerS.com/scripts/yac2.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener" class="mycode_url">http://ca.geocities.com/[email protected]RogerS.c.../yac2.html
you had it done or you did it because i asked?
also...how do you actually configure it?
i did it because you asked :)

all you need to do is place a [phonenumber].jpg file for each number in the yac/ directory.

[phonenumber] is the phone number as it displays (possibly 7, 10, 11 digits) without any extra characters like spaces or hyphens.

thanks alot bro
ok, i cant get it to work...do you have the newest stuff on the site, cause i dont see where you look for the jpgs in the code...but again i dont know python.
the code is there.

filename = 'q:\\scripts\\yac\\' + filename + '.jpg'

make sure that it is in your yac folder from what i can tell.

he didn't have the code up til i posted that. but it does all work great.
so your images are working now?

everything works now... when i updated the site, the zip file didn't upload properly, but it has now been fixed
the download site seems to be down. anyone that can post another url to this exciting script ?

*edit. never mind. found it. thou the name was callerid.zip and not yac2.zip
sorry, ya.. i changed the name to callerid instead of yac because i have made it support other servers than just yac.

RogerS.com/scripts/callerid.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener" class="mycode_url">http://ca.geocities.com/[email protected]RogerS.c...lerid.html
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