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Full Version: Zeroconf Kodi 17 beta 5
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Just installed kodi 17 beta 5. Where does one find zeroconf? It is not under services nor under services/general as shown here and I do have expert on.
When I use the official kodi remote to "find kodi", kodi 17 cannot be found yet if I manually input the IP address, port, password and user name, it works.
On edit. This is on the shield.
I'm having the same problem the kodi remote won't connect without it I even tried putting it in manually still didn't work
I'm not seeing it either. I've been going nuts trying to find it. Can anyone direct me to where it is?
Same for me with Kodi beta 7. Anyone from Kodi team ?
Has zerocof been be removed completely. Kodi 17 is final and it Still mising
Was removed. Caused 100% load.
As far as official kodi remote, as long as you know the IP address of the shield (or whatever device) and the port and login and password, configuring the official kodi remote is easy.l