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Full Version: Open Select Dialog With onClick Action
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Hi @ all,

neeed some help to solve a problem:

i want to open a select dialog with pushing a button (onclick) to write the selected value from the opened list to a skin string. How can i release this ? The list shlould be static with predefined values.

Not used myself thil now, but may this helps:

Quote:2016-03-13 changed built-in function

we've made a change to the recently introduced Skin.SelectBool() built-in function.
skins can (mandatory) now define the header label of the select dialog as well:

Skin.SelectBool(424, 31411|RecentWidget, 31412|RandomWidget, 31413|InProgressWidget)
(where the first id is the string id of the header label)

git commit: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/commit/2ecc...c709c9c745
pull request: 9317 (PR)
i don't claim to have the slightest understanding of what you're trying to do :-)
but there's a pr pending for skin strings as well.

10787 (PR)