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Full Version: Deinterlace Method
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I am in need of information about the options available in the Kodi 17 (beta 5) Deinterlace Method setting. My sources are mostly 1080p and 720p. The exception being live/local OTA TV via an HD-Homerun in 1080i and 720p.

The options are:

Deinterlace (half)

I am really not sure what I should be choosing.

Side note, I also noticed that there are fewer video scaling method options. Is there any documentation of this change? I don't fully understand all of the technical info behind each of these settings and often rely on the incredible knowledge of the Kodi community about what the best settings are. Thank you!
Deinterlacing is only applied on interlaced material. In general you want to have best quality which is "Deinterlace" for software decoding. Available options depend on the platform you run Kodi on.