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Full Version: USB Remove safely
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sorry for this newbie question but after reading lots of wikis I don't find solution.
I create a button in the homepage in order to remove USB sticks safely.
I would like to assign to my button the "Remove safely" function, the same function that popups in confluence menu when I right click on the USB icon when an usb stick is inserted.....
Could you help me, please ?

Thanks in advance !
Nobody knows the command that Kodi uses clicking on the Remove safely USB button ?
If this is the wrong section to ask this kind of questions, please could you advise me where to post it ?

thanks a lot !
You have said nothing about basic stuff like what operating system you are using.
Thanks for your reply nickr, I'm using Windows 10 and Kodi v16.1
Do you need any other info about my system ?
Please, advise me.....