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Full Version: Video Playback all pixelated: possible Hard drive or computer issue (resolved)
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***this was resolved when I upgraded my machine to a new MOBO/CPU/RAM.  I believe my Phenom X3 just wasn't enough to power what I was doing.***

Hello all!

Wasn't sure where to put this. I have a desktop with a Phenom II x3 720be, 8 GB of RAM, 5400 AMD discrete GPU, an SSD with openelec on it, and 2 ST3000DM001 one in an external case and one internal that has my movies on it.

When I watch movies that I am 99% sure have no issues a lot of times they get all pixelated, kind of like when netflix is still trying to cache the movie but is still playing it.

I know my drives are functioning but I am not sure if they are just not the right drives for the job or if my CPU is just too small. I am using AEON for my theme but when the movie is playing I didn't that mattered too much.

Any help would be appreciated. On a side note, if I reboot the machine it usually fixes it for a while.
please provide a Debug Log
(2016-11-07, 19:31)wsnipex Wrote: [ -> ]please provide a Debug Log

I will need to get it when I get home, also I will need to know where to find it so I can upload it.
The Kodi log file updater is broken. I cannot do it the advanced way.