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Full Version: Audio stutters in video only
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Hope this isn't a hornets nest of a problem, but any advice appreciated.

When I play music the audio is perfect. However, whenever I play any video source the audio drops out briefly every few seconds. The video continues to run smoothly, but the audio seems to briefly cut out. Any ideas?

Same issue in Kodi 16.1 & 17 Beta 5 on Windows 10.

Can happily advise of any other settings if I know what would help.

Any help really appreciated.
No Debug Log no issue. <- a Debug Log is mandatory in a support forum.
OK - apologies for my ignorance. Confused I will create one when I am at the machine in question tomorrow.
Hope this helps fritsch.

a) Can you please try that file from local disk?
b) And for testing completely disable DXVA hw acceleration? <- b) only if a) has the same issue.
Thanks fritsch. Unfortunately neither had any impact. Defininely not a network issue per-se as was working fine before and have several other systems working across same (wired) network just fine.

I have however established that the issue isn't Kodi specifically. Tried VLC and experienced the same issue. Can only assume that some Windows update has screwed things up. Sorry - should have checked that first!

Doing a clean Windows install which hopefully will resolve. Sad
Thanks fritsch. A Windows install resolved this so there must have been a driver update (or something) which caused the issues. Anyway - all resolved - thank you!