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Full Version: Connection Refused QNAP TS-453a
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Hello fellows,

First of all sorry about my english. Second, sorry again if i posted my thread in the bad area.

So, i am new to all of Kodi and using a NAS. I jsut got a QNAP TS-453a and a raspberry pi 3.
I wanted to install kodi on my raspberry to access the movies on the NAS and then use a hdmi from the raspberry to watch them.

I don't want to use the SMB (because the basic smb use a connection through wifi from the Rasp to my internet box) to read files on the network
I would rather read files straight from the NAS connected directly thourgh ethernet to the raspberry.

So i did try 'add network location' and i have been manually written the ip address i have form 'wired' in 'Network' in 'my XBMC'.
i have smb://ipadress/Movies
When i try to add it, doesn't work.
I set in up the right username and password, but when i try to use that connection it then says 'Connection refused'
However if i use all the SMB already there option, it does find the files (but then it means it goes through the internet box, then i can't watch them in high quality)

i am not sure i was really clear in my explanations, please ask me any details if you need to help you to sort me out.

Thanks guys