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Full Version: Kodi MySQL - Posters, Fanart not showing on one instance
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Hi everyone,

I have two instances of Kodi 16.1 installed that point to a common MySQL instance and use a symlink to a shared thumbnails directory. Images are created by scraping the movies with Ember Media Manager. Files are named using FileBot.

Up until now I was able to update my Movies and TV libraries on one instance and have the posters and fanart display on the other instance. Since yesterday this is not longer the case. One instance (the one I updated the library on) shows the posters and fanart, but the other does not.

I have tried the following to no avail:
  • Set type on the movies and TV folder to 'nothing', cleaned library, then set content back to movies/TV respectfully.
  • Removed the movies from the shared drive, updated library, placed the movies back on the share, then updated library on the machine that does not show the images.

My movies are structured as follows:
Movie name (year) -- sourced from IMDB
-Movie name (year).mkv
-Movie name (year)-fanart.jpg
-Movie name (year)-poster.jpg

This has never been a problem in the past. I have been a user of XBMC/Kodi since version 8.

Any thoughts or advice?