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Full Version: Thumb View not displaying movie/tv genre icons correctly.
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Hi Ronie.

Great skin, Thank you for all your hard work.

I found a minor bug I wanted to bring to your attention.

I am using Transparency! v9.1.2 and Kodi 16.1 Git:20160424-c327c53 on both a linux box at home and a windows 8.1 box on my work laptop. Both are behaving the same in respect to the issue I'm reporting.

I've done a little troubleshooting and have narrowed it down to the View-Thumbnail.xml file. The View-List.xml and View-Fanart.xml file are working correctly. Those two are displaying/pulling the genrename.jpg file from Textures,xbt correctly, however the thumbnail view doesn't.

When I turn on Movie Genre Icons and select a resource addon such as resource.images.moviegenreicons.filmstrip or resource.images.moviegenreicons.poster. I see the correct icon when in Fanart view and in List view however it is showing a unknown icon (where I haven't a clue which package it is from) that appears under the thumbnail view (which of course my favoirte view.)

I suspect that it should be easy to duplicate.

correct, it's by design... or more a limitation in kodi.
you can't display genre icons inside the list or panel.
it's only possible to display 1 genre icon outside of the list.
Default Thumbnail view http://rwyarbrough.homelinux.net/thumbview-2.jpg

I have been able to change the icons that appear in the thumbnail view by selecting the poster genre icon pack. resource.imagesmoviegenreicons.poster http://rwyarbrough.homelinux.net/thumbview-1.jpg

The list and fanart view will show any icon pack selected. Here is xzeners for example.
List view - http://rwyarbrough.homelinux.net/thumbview-3.jpg
Fanart view - http://rwyarbrough.homelinux.net/thumbview-4.jpg

This leads me to believe that if I could determine the location of where the icons are being pulled from using the View-Thumbnail.xml file, In theory I should be able to use my custom icons by simply copying them into that location. The Poster movie genre icon add on scripts are able to either change that location or replace those default icons wherever they are stored.

Is there a debug level that would help me find out where those icons are being pulled from when using the View-Thumbnail.xml file?

The skinning manual and tutorials don't cover that unless I just wasn't looking hard enough.

I'm sure this can be done because I've seen the genre icons used in Thumbnail mode change to use the icons in the poster package. If you could please just point me to how I can find out how to change it, I'd be very appreciative.

ah thanx, i stand corrected :-)

there was a typo in the skin:

the thumbnail view will use resource.images.moviegenreicons.coloured by default.
it's not possible to select an other resource addon for this view.

if you want to use another one, you can change that line in the skin.
Awesome! Thank you for the quick response and solution. Your skin is my all-time favorite!