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Full Version: Movie Set issues
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i am using Kodi 17 Beta on my Shield. The Skin i am using is Aeon 6 MQ Mod and my movies are all on a NAS.

For some reason , when i scrape , some movies are not put into a Movie Sets, and i have no clue why.

Movies like James Bond or Iron Man or whatever work perfect. But then again Movies like all Barbie , Lion King , Kung Fu Panda , Lilo and Stitch , etc... are not put into Movie Sets

I am trying to figure out why , but i just can't find the reason.

I used Universal Scraper with the IMDB .

Happy for help or advice.

I use TMDB without any problems ..

your problem is it's not populating the tag <set></set> in the movie's .nfo file

if you export your video library ... open say Kung Fu Panda.nfo with notepad and add <set>Kung Fu Panda Collection</set>

do this for each of the Kung Fu Panda movies ... then "refresh" each one from local files

then they will all be under Movie Sets > Kung Fu Panda Collection