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Full Version: Problem watching x265 HEVC after Windows reset
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Hi guys!
I use Kodi 16.1 in portable mode on an external device.
Before, I had absolutely no issues with x265 HEVC playback but after a system error on my Windows and a full reset, I tried using again Kodi as it's my favorite program and something weird is happening... ever since, playback is laggy! Rolleyes
I don't understand what's wrong, I installed all my drivers, Kodi has the exact same settings as before (as it's in portable mode), my library is the same but for some reasons it doesn't want to work as before!

Anyone has an idea?

Here's my computer (laptop plugged to TV) specs:
Intel Core i7-3517U @ 1.90Ghz - 2.40Ghz
10Go DDR
Geforce GT 620M 1Go (with Intel HD 4000 and Optimus technology)
Windows 10 x64

It should be more than enough for x265 HEVC playback as it used to work flawlessy before!