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Full Version: Please Help - Need a quick and dirty DVR solution on NVidia Shield for tonight!
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Running Jarvis on my Nvidia Shield (16GB), also installed the HDHomerun app and it works great for watching live TV.

I have a really important show I need to record tonight (friend of mine is going to be on TV) so I'm not looking for a long term solution, just a quick and dirty one so I can schedule the recording and save it. Can this be done? What do I do to make it work? The Shield is connected to a NAS for storage if there's a way I can configure it to write the DVR files to that? Otherwise I could plug in a flash drive?
i know its late but i hope you know you can just record the screen on a shield no good for whe you need it but if you need it in the future just hold down the circle and you will see the capture menu
I don't know what runs on the Shield, but if you can use "cron" or "at" to start the program "wget", you can record from any HDHomeRun which supports DLNA.

For example, to record one hour from channel 16.1 starting now from the tuner, you can use this command:

wget -O filename.mpg

The tuner will close the pipe when the duration is reached. This does not rely on the SiliconDust DVR capability.