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Full Version: 4k Smart Playlists?
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Can anyone tell me how to set up a 4K smart playlist?

I've recently been bought a 4k TV as an early Christmas present due to the failure of the backlight on my elderly Samsung 1080p LCD and I have quite a bit of 4K content already since I was planning on purchasing a 4k TV in the new year... I cannot seem to get the playlists to recognize 4K content though. I've tried using "Resolution IS 2160" and "Resolution IS NOT 480, 576, 720, 1080" yet I get no results with the first and for some bizarre reason SD content with the second. I've also tried using 3840 as a resolution just in case Kodi has decided to depart from reality and suddenly decided to read the horizontal resolution instead of the vertical... but nothing at all seems to be working.

It's driving me utterly insane at this point.
I haven't any 4k media so can't check if playlists are the same, but on the skinning side the options for resolution are 480, 576, 540, 720, 1080 or 4K. So I would suggest trying either setting "Resolution IS 4K' or adding 540 to 'Resolution IS NOT'.
I have tried 4k as an option but it didn't seem to do anything... just a blank playlist. I'll give the 540 IS NOT a try though as that one didn't occur to me since I don't have anything in the resolution in my movies.

While I'm babbling I should point out that I'm currently using the nightly builds so that is possibly why I'm having issues with it. If I don't have any luck I may try going back to the last released Beta or the last stable 15 build and see if that works.
Just to be aware that 4k doesn't necessarily equal 4K (again I'm going from the skin-side here, rather than experience with playlists). Even so, it's worth waiting for someone with actual experience of playlists/4k to come along before going back to a previous build Wink
Yep I'm aware of that... from what I've seen there's no problem with most skins picking up the 4k tags and displaying it properly in the codec info. And it really isn't that much of an issue at this point since I've probably got around 20-30 movies in 4k out of 3500+... I've just gone a little OCD about it lol
Hi, did you have any luck with this ?

I have a node for:

"vid res less then 720" for SD
"vid res greater then 719 & vid res less then 1080" for 720
"vid res greater then 1079" for 1080 and 4k

as when i try 
"vid res greater then 1079, vid res less then 2160" for 1080 only I get nothing showing at all
"vid res greater then 1080" for 4k only I also get nothing showing

What is the issue here, does the Kodi node editor not support 4K? 

I have tried this in nodes and smart playlists, but with no luck at all.
Anyone Huh
There must be something ... as whats the point of a filter if you cant use it ...
For me, I add 4K into the file name of the Ultra HD movie.

Then create a smart playlist with the file contains 4K , works for me fine

So simple but should work as long as the file names contain 4K
Has this ever been solved? Adding "4k" to the title of every 4k file seems to be a very clumsy workaround.

I have tried creating a smart playlist where I want every file with a video resolution greater than 1080p but nothing shows up despite me having a few 4k films. Any ideas?

think this is fixed in v18
(2018-02-05, 12:33)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]think this is fixed in v18
 Nice, thanks.
trying this in latest 18 beta and isnt working.
simple is 4k resolution rule is not showing any correct 4k vids...
(2018-11-12, 13:15)pauly3069 Wrote: [ -> ]trying this in latest 18 beta and isnt working.
simple is 4k resolution rule is not showing any correct 4k vids...
 This is disappointing. I was really looking forward to having this feature soon.
I just created a path rule to look for the string "2160p" in the folder name.

Works perfectly Smile
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