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Full Version: [Krypton Beta 5] Video Playback Freeze
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I'm running Krypton Beta 5 on the Amazon FireTV. I'm having video lockups when skipping forward or using fast forward.This is repeatable when playing back the same recording. My debug log is attached, please let me know if anything else is needed.

It looks like disabling hardware acceleration in Kodi has resolved the issue.
You might also want to take a look at banned addons as you have at least one banned addon listed in your debug log.
Glad you solved your own issue but next time be aware we don't provide support for installations such as yours that contain piracy add-ons. In the future you would need to replicate your issue on a clean system that doesn't include any violating items.
Understood x 2. Offensive add-on removed. New log posted below. Several issues noted:

1) Turning off the hardware acceleration did resolve the issue of locking up when fast forwarding and skipping forward as noted above. Both MediaCodec & MediaCodec (Surface) had to be turned off to resolve the issue, I tried both off individually and still had the lockup. With hardware acceleration off this morning I noticed that playback was sluggish on HD files and the video was slow training behind the audio (audio was fine). I tried this on several videos. Both of which play back fine in VLC. Log below of sluggish playback with hardware acceleration disabled.


1) Upon completion of installing PVR.WMC add-on a message reported that the add-on install failed although the add-on was installed correctly.
2) When attempting to recreate the lockup issue I was doing series of skip forwards and fast forward. When hitting play to resume from fast forward on (2) occasions the PVR.WMC application exited and I had to reload it to continue.
3) When attempting to recreate the lockup issue I was doing series of skip forwards and fast forward. In several cases there were long delays in recovering from fast forward. After 5-7 seconds the video & audio would resume.
4) Upon skipping backwards to the beginning of the video and then forward I was able to reproduce the lockup issue which should be near the end of the log,

Log below of 1-4.

No one else having any of these lockup issues when fast forwarding or skipping forward?
(2016-11-23, 06:30)imnee Wrote: [ -> ]No one else having any of these lockup issues when fast forwarding or skipping forward?

... I'm not but I've seen enough reports to pique my curiosity. I've just built my latest firmware and can't reproduce this issue on any of my devices.

Audio sync was thrown off after koying's 10/23 amc bypass fix (10-23 build was good, some commit(s) after that build created problems), but that's no longer an issue after installing my firmware update. May or may not be firmware related, but on Android, so many times it just is.

Now here's the catch. I skipped updating/testing nightlies after the 10-23 test build, I'm now back to running nightlies as of 11-20 and have no sync or freezing issues.
I guess this is a pretty old thread, but this still consistently happens on Krypton v17.0. Worked perfect in Jarvis 16.1. To recap what I am seeing

Fire TV 2016
Connected to media center via ethernet

Hardware Acceleration Enabled:
Video playback of local media files (stored on local USB3 stick) will freeze if FF/skip is pressed repeated (3+ times generally).
Live Video stream using pvr.wmc works perfectly

Hardware Acceleration Disabled:
Video playback of local media files works perfectly
Live Video stream using pvr.wmc is unusable. Video is updated a couple times a second and lags behind audio by 30+ seconds.

What this means is I have to toggle HW Acceleration on and off depending on what the video file format/source is.

Debug log @ http://paste.ubuntu.com/24062766/
Debug log order of execution matches the order listed above.

I can try a nightly if someone thinks this was actually fixed, but I don't see it in the changelog.