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Full Version: Database corruption
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I'll try not to file too many bug reports, I haven't touched C in over 15 years and I really wouldn't feel comfortable playing in your source. Anyway, here's another one I've been experiencing

Video database gets corrupted when you "Scan for new content".. Here's what I did (and can reproduce it with the build I compiled on 2007-11-14)

  1. Go into a directory, first set the content of that directory to TV, choose the scraper (I used TVDB.com), and the option to "folder only contains 1 TV show" or whatnot is checked.

  2. Scan for new content (or use the checkbox to automatically scan for content)
  3. Go into Library mode, you should see your TV show with all the episodes found, this works as expected.
  4. Turn off library mode and choose to "Scan for new content" in the same directory you just did for step 1, it will go through its paces
  5. Go back into library mode, you no longer see anything or you'll see the show name, but choosing the show name to display the episodes will result in an empty list

I've been able to recreate this everytime. Database gets corrupted (or so it seems). Quitting XBMC and returning doesn't fix it. I had to delete the DB file and recreate it (then it works, until you Scan for new content that is).

Just thought I'd let someone know Smile
have you tried unchecking "folder only contains 1 tv show"?
I'm not sure of your directory structure from your post
My directory structure is pretty simple:


All are organized like that, i'm simply selecting the ShowName directory.

And yes, I've tried unchecking the folder onlhy contains 1 tv show.

I'll try the newest SVN to see if the new trunk merge did anything
I have noticed similar issues. I made a post about it http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=29589

To sum it up, if i click scan for new content on my "tv" folder it does not pick up new episodes. If i refresh the show from the library window and click refresh all episodes i get similar results to yours. ie the show appears in the library with zero episodes. The only work around i have found is setting content on the actual series folder ( ie. Tv/The Simpsons) to none and clearing all associated data from the database. Then resetting the folder to tvshows, picking a scraper and rescanning the entire series. Not a huge issue but it can be time consuming with shows like the simpsons that have 19 seasons.

There are a few other little quirks that i noticed in my other post. See if maybe they apply to you as well. Cheers.
There still seem to be issues with update library. Not all new tv shows are found, again i usually have to set content to nothing and remove all from database, then rescan entire series. Secondly when using update library, all of my .avi movies are removed from the database. Only movies saved as movie/VIDEO_TS/vob remain in the database anything else is removed. All of my movies (xvid and dvd folder structure) are in the same folder "movies" i though perhaps that was the issue and moved all the .avis to one folder and had my dvd folder structure movies in another and the same thing happened. Anyone else still experiencing this?