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Full Version: Restart caching when regaining connection?
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Hi everyone!

I'm running Kodi through LibreElec (although I believe this is a platform-independent question). I have an Arch Home Server which serves my movies/tvshows through NFS. My server/Kodi client are both connected to my router using an ethernet cable.

I'm running Kodi on an intel Nuc with 4gb of ram. That's why I modified advancedsettings.xml to set up a large cache size (around 500 mb) and set the buffermode to 1 since ram is not an issue.

Now, when the family is watching a movie, I like to work/tweak my home server. Sometimes, that involves a reboot or restarting the nfs service. A reboot is fairly quick: my home server usually reboots fully in under 30 seconds.

After a reboot, Kodi will still play video, but only until the cache runs out. Then, videos stop but audio keeps running (and also eventually stops after a few minutes).

Is there any way for kodi to resume caching/buffering after my server is back online? Something I can do on the server side to fix that? Or should this be moved to the feature request list?

P. S. : debug log coming soon...

EDIT: this is in my /etc/exports file (nfs config)
My answers coming soon (once you've posted a debug log).
Apologies for the late answer.

Debug log: http://pastebin.com/L3QEBnht

Apologies for the long debug log, I've had difficulities recreating the problem. Sometimes Kodi does restart caching, sometimes it doesn't.

First tv show I tried to play, it did restart caching, both when restarting the entire server & when only restarting the specific NFS service.

The second tv show stopped playing after a certain amount of time (even when the server was back online during that period). I've noticed that at the second tv show, I skipped through to around 10-5 minutes before the end and I can recall that all other occurences of this problem were around 10-5 minutes around the end of playback.

I tried uploading this log file through the log file uploader plugin, but that plugin failed (last lines in the debug log). So uploaded it manually.

HTPC: Intel Nuc DC3217BY, Core i3- 3217U, 4 gb of ram, further specs here: http://ark.intel.com/products/71274/Inte...t-DC3217BY

Server: Core i5-4400, GA-Z97M-D3H, 16 gb of ram

Both are connected through a wire via my Dlink Dir-850l router.