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Full Version: User-customisable canned responses
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I find myself in the position where I regularly give one of a series of regular responses to threads. Whether that's requesting a debug log, explaining that I can't help due to banned add-ons or (and where the user-customisable responses come into play) referring the user to the FAQ's I've written for the Skin Shortcuts script.

It would save a lot of time if it were possible to have a series of defined 'canned responses' with the ability to personally add additional responses specific to the support that I personally offer to users.

Thanks for considering.
I'm going to take the lack of responses as this being something that won't be soon available - which is more than fair enough: I appreciate from other responses in this area that the current forum software is somewhat out of date and would presumably need to be updated before such could be made available. I also respect that, even if the forum software could support such a feature there would of course need to be an internal discussion as to whether such a feature could and should be made available.

As such, and having had the need to post various links to the Skin Shortcuts docs this evening - which would have been infinitely easier and quicker with such a feature - does anyone know of a user-side way that such could be made easier until and unless such a feature were added, or have any insight into whether such a feature might be possible with a future forum update? Thanks.

Edit: I use a Mac as my primary system when posting on the forums, and have been pointed in the direction of automatic text replacements that can be set up on the system. Whilst this is fantastic - and will serve my purposes perfectly whenever using this system, a series of custom-defined canned responses would still be very useful both in general terms, and for occasions when I'm accessing the forums from another system Smile
For moderators we have added certain default actions/responses.
@BobCratchett: I subscribed to this thread when you made it because I thought it was an interesting and useful idea for 'mid level' forum players who maybe help a lot, but aren't Team members or Moderators.

In any case whilst it doesn't solve exactly what you are suggesting, what I did was create a FAQ in the thread that I help with most, with the idea to be able just to point users to that instead of repeating the same answers.

It has partially helped, and I think will become more useful over time, but I still think some canned responses could be useful too.

But to prevent abuse, maybe some official forum status would be necessary to enable this? "Kodi Helper" or something?

Just some thoughts Smile
(2016-12-08, 08:11)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]For moderators we have added certain default actions/responses.

Thanks for the info. It's good to know that the current forum software supports canned responses - a possible additional feature request would be to make (an appropriate subset of) these available to all users. I know that some of the current moderators became so due to their continued diligence in responding appropriately to inappropriate posts on the forums - by making these more widely available, you would give the opportunity to more people to respond appropriately (and also ensure that the response is appropriate - which is to say it's a pre-determined canned response, rather than the individual users take on what is an appropriate response.)

It doesn't address the issue for those such as myself and jmh2002, though, for whom customisable canned responses would save us, individually, a significant amount of time Smile