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Full Version: issue creating video library from a FTP media source
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Hi, I have an old NAS with both SMB and FTP access.
I want to use it as an FTP media source, selecting a folder where i have both video files (avi, mkv) and folders with inside video files (avi or mkv).
Well, all the video files not inside a folder are properly added to the video library.
All the videos inside their folders are added to the library but can't be played as the path of the file to be played is always <folder-name>/VIDEO_TS.IFO
But the file VIDEO_TS.IFO doesn't exist anwhere.

If I use SMB instead using FTP everything works fine, subfolders are scanned and correct video files .avi etc are detected and used in the path field for that video in the database.

Did anyone solved this issue with FTP?