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Full Version: 4k tv resolution
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Hi, I really tried to search for the answer but was surprised no one seems to be using kodi for SMB playback as I am doing, only found some 4k streaming advice.

First thank you for the software, I bought a android TV just because of the software, and I am not dissappointed, it's very nice!

Most of my files I play are 1080p, so this isn't a huge problem for me, however it would be nice to have 4k playback when the file is of that quality, since the TV supports this resolution.

How can I change the resolution to 4K? Or is it changed automatically when I play a 4k video?

In system/system info it says screen resolution is [email protected], when I play my 4k videos, yes they look great, but gets me suspicious when i go to the video settings menu, or the system info, while playing, and the menus says it's still 1920x1080.

Thank you in advance for your answers
Ok, searched some more and got my answer. Seems like the playback is 4k even though the system info and video settings menu claim otherwise.

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