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Full Version: Argus/Kodi 17 - Recordings with '?' in title
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I am using Kodi 17 Beta 5 running on Window 10; I use Confluence theme and have 'Group Items' enabled in the TV Recordings; Backend server is ArgusTV 2.3.

The recording list includes a group for the show 'Have you been paying attention?' but when I enter the list to see the shows, I see only two entries, the normal '..' entry at the top of the list and then a second '..' underneath (but none of the shows appear).

If I disable 'Group Items', the recordings all show normally and will play.

This is working as expected on a second Kodi instance running 16.1 on the same box.

I assume a pattern matching / regex issue in the grouping code but I am not in a position to debug this. Happy to do test fixes if required.

Could you try latest Krypton nightly build and report back? There are good chances that the issue is fixed meanwhile.
I have tested with the latest nightly (KodiSetup-20161129-fe8b16f-master.exe) and you are correct; the issue has been fixed along with a couple others I noted too.

My apologies for not testing first.