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Full Version: Quick Question re System.Time & System.Date
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I've just been playing with some basic changes to a skin getting a feel for how everything works. All i've done is added the date and time to the home page using <label>$INFO[System.Date, ]</label> and <label>$INFO[System.Time, ]</label>

can anyone tell me if it's possible to manipulate the output of system.time and system.date to say have the time in 12 hour format and the date as DD/MM/YYYY. And if so what are the options, or would this require using $LOCALIZE and if so how would you do it.

had a quick trawl through the forum and wiki but couldn't find anything

Time you can with System.Time(HH:MM) type stuff. Can't remember exactly how this formats for different systems though.

Date you can't.

Both of these, however, are specifiable at the language (locale) level - langinfo.xml in the language/<your language> folder.
thanks very much for the info Jim
For everyone's info you can change the display format of <label>$INFO[System.Date, ]</label>. It just displays whatever is in your regions datelong entry in langinfo.xml.

i've just copied my location to create a UK2 and UK3 entry to play around with. Found some info on formatting here http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8kb3ddd4.aspx but most don't seem relavent or even work lol, the abbreviated formats don't seem to work, you just get the same as the long format. i'e MMMM and MMM both return November.

System.Time(HH:MM) doesn't seem to do anything either i always get the time formatted as per langinfo.xml without the seconds and you need xx for the AM/PM symbol not tt.

if anyone does have a play with this remember to reload if you've altered langinfo.xml or you won't see any changes
Old thread but thanks for the info. I can't seen to get the abbreviated formats (MMM or DDD) to work with 9.11 RC1.