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Full Version: IPTV on kodi, service providers and also info on OpenviewHD help please
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Hi guys

My apologies for previous post, it was out of innocence an won't happen again.

Please I need some help with IPTV for kodi.

Is there any services that offer trials,

Also do I have to subscribe to a Service provider from my country or can it be an international one.

I been reading up on OpenviewHD, which seems to be a free service, the once off payment covers installation an equipment is that correct an if so is there a way of getting it on kodi.

Also are there any other free legal tv services that are available? I know alot of countries have free channels but not sure how to go about viewing them.

Once again apologies for my noobness.
Well my advise DELETE everything you just wrote then read
Forum_rules (wiki)
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OpenView HD subscribers and agents violate the same regulations that prohibit the broadcast of content meant for South African audiences outside the primary territory.

you need to be more careful, and not pick what looks good, if it looks to good to be true it prob is
Thank You
Wow man I gota do some serious research, I never knew openHD is not legit it's like a new thing here in Sa. Wow ok thanks deleted the previous post text.

Thank you for the kind yet tactful reply. Good day to you sir
yw, glad to help.

But i agree, its darn hard to spot, what is "legal" sometimes.
In Denmark we get our live feeds from the internet, or apps, or kodi.

We pay for that service each year, and in return get HD feed with Dolby if available 5.1 in movies.
So i can't really say, where to look for a service, that provides what you asked.

But i hope you have luck with it m8, later Big Grin