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Full Version: Help with Video Setup
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I just used the Windows store to install Krypton V17. I've used the desktop app for a long time (Not V17).

I am trying to get my video set up but can't find the right seetings. Here's my scenario:

Movies - Should go directly to my Movie Folder
TV Shows - Should go directly to my TV Shows folder
Videos - Should have home vids and music vids

I can browse to my movies when clicking movies but there's no option to set the path there. And it always changes the path under TV shows (and vice versa).

Anyone know how to just specify a path for each and have it go directly to it?


That doesn't really give me the behavior I like but I have the scan running. Didn't realize it need right clicks (not too easy from a remote) so I had to plug in a keyboard. Sad
What kind of remote do you have? If it doesn't have a menu button, some remotes will work with a long-press on select to bring up the context menu.

After things are scanned in you can further customize the behavior with video nodes (wiki) and custom home items (wiki).