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Full Version: Crossfade between songs doesn't work.
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Good evening. I don't know what happened, but the "crossfade between songs" just stopped working after one of the updates (a long time ago). I tried to change different settings, output devices etc., but noting helped. I tried to install Kodi on another device (Windows 10, OSMC, Android) - the crossfade doesn't work. Did anyone had a similar experience? I understand that it's probably my fault, if no one else is experiencing this, but it very interesting to me what can go wrong, since I tried to turn the crossfade on different platforms with fresh Kodi installation (with default settings). The system I most care about is a OSMC, outputed to a USB DAC.
I would appreciate any help or suggestion! Thank you.
Is crossfade working for anyone?
Can you try with a a Krypton build? There have been fixes here. (Jarvis will get no more updates).
I tried on 2 different Win 10 computers with Krypton builds - same result. But it is not something that happened recently, the crossfade didn't work for me sins probably KODI 14 or so. I just can't imagine I'm the only one who has this problem. This was a very useful option for me, so I really want it to be fixed...