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Full Version: Need to automatically play radio station on startup
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I want to set up an internet radio station that will only broadcast locally to several buildings on our campus network. To receive a stream from that station in each building, I am looking for a device that I can configure so that when it is restarted it will automatically begin playing this local station. This is the one-and-only-one thing it has to do, and the plan is to run it without a monitor (headless).

I have found a box called the AKASO HM8 that runs Kodi v17. It's cheap and looks promising (link here: AKASO HM8)

Does anyone know if I'll be able to configure Kodi to automatically open a radio station on startup, repeatedly and forever? I am aware of autoexec.py, HOWEVER, the above device just boots and runs Kodi, so I can't use the command line on this device to copy a file. I would need to be able to modify autoexec.py from within Kodi, or tell Kodi to read or copy a file from an external card. Does anyone know if Kodi has these last two functions? Or any other suggestions?

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