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Full Version: Mixing posters and banners for TV shows
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I have Transparency set to show banners for TV shows, which I prefer to posters, but when I view the seasons, I want it to use the posters. Currently it stretches out the poster to be like a banner, and distorts the image (except for in fanart view)
I thought that in the past I could use both banners and posters like that, but it doesn't seem to work now (I'm using Jarvis 16.1). Has that been disabled? Is it all one or the other now? From doing a couple searches it seems like that's the case, but I just wanted to check if I could achieve what I want by maybe editing an XML file or something if it's not available through the skin settings.
could you post a few screenshots of the views that have stretched posters?

as far as i remember Transparency! doesn't even have banner type views for seasons.
This is what I see in season view. The view mode is "wide icon", but it does the same to the posters in "Media Info" and "Item" views. In "Fanart" and "Full list" modes it displays the posters properly though. Sorry the image quality isn't so great.


Here's another picture.

In settings>skin>general>.switch your TV to use posters then in settings>skin>view options>Fanart -TV SHows -Show Banner in List then go back to the TV lsitings and switch your view to 'fanart'. Should do it.
Thanks, but when I set it to "use posters" it takes away the banner (wide icons) view I like at the show level. I can see banners in fanart view, but I don't particularly like fanart view and wanted to have the wide icons view to have multiple columns of banners.
You can't beat Kodi for customization even T! is a mod of an earlier skin Skin development introduction (wiki) and this one seems pretty tailored HOW-TO:Edit the home screen skin files (wiki). This forum is full of modifications to various skin views, help yourself.
Thanks. I took a look at those pages but they didn't quite have what I was looking for. It seems that I need to edit the available views at certain levels (i.e. at show level and season level). Is there an XML file I could edit for that? Or maybe point me to the section where the skin mods are so maybe I could find what I need there?
You are probably looking for C:\Users\pedram\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\skin.transparency\720pView-Fanart.xml make sure you save the original file off as back-up before you start editing. The links I provided are more or less stepping stones to skinning, and there is a lot to learn. This forum has many modifications of the base skin and would be good starting ground to review.
Awesome, I'll take a look. Thanks!