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Full Version: What is meant...scrape music source before import library?
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My Kodi on older Raspberry Pi is slowed, lagging, and skin failing to load properly so yet again I am going to reimage the program on the memory card.
But my library is so very large that I don't want to spend another whole day recreating it.
I want to export the library (in multiple files I understand) and then import it into the refreshed program. I see the instruction, "scrape music source". What does that mean? I think I have everything else clear. The music source will not change at all....2 hard drives in a dock.
Thanks for any tips.
If you already have a working library, then all you need to do is export it to separate files. This will generate the required artist and album .nfo files alongside your music files. Then re-image your Pi and add your music source, but set the scraper to 'local information'. Kodi will then read in those .nfo files to re-create the library as it was previously.
Export/import relates to additional artist and album data. If you delete the database you still have to let Kodi scan all music files and read the tags. As Kodi finds artists and albums in the tags it will then look for the local nfo files from a "separate files" export, if they are correctly located.

I think you could better back up the database folder, do your new image, then replace the database files and avoid all the re-scanning.

scott s.