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Full Version: v17 Nightly -- Confluence - sub menu
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Running v17 nightly: kodi-20161128-c5d944c-master-armeabi-v7a

Switched back to Confluence while the new default skin gets its kinks worked out.. noticed a few things that need fixing:
  • "Recently Added" is missing as from the sub menu on all sections?
  • TV Shows sub menu shows an oddly named "TV Shows in Progress"... the context is already known, it should just be "In Progress".
  • Movies is missing the sub menu for "In Progress".
Check out the sticky - Customisable home submenus
Thanks Hitcher, I've not seen that you could do this. So looks like some of the 'defaults' just needs tweaking. Editing the label wasnt too bad.. but editing the order was a little painful with just a remote. Trying to add the "Movies in Progress" sub menu didnt work out well though.. then having to do all of this for x installs.. doesnt sound like fun.

Also found a fun quirk, its impossible to setup your weather or anything if you dont have the 'addons' menu option shown..
For wife factor, I try to hide all the stuff she shouldnt mess with / dont want to cause issues... so it took me ages to figure out how the hell to get to configuring things since the option to get to addons is now missing from system.
for those that have a multi kodi setup, if you change the category from default and want to replicate this on other installs.. you need to copy the relevant files: