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Full Version: Video preview view to Full screen view ??
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I customized my own video list window using kodi List Container and I used bellow code for video preview.

<item id="4">
<label>1. The Jungle Book (2016) </label>
<onclick>PlayMedia(storage/emulated/legacy/Movies/The Jungle Book.mp4,1)</onclick>

<item id="8">
<label>2. Mechanic Resurrection (2016) </label>
<onclick>PlayMedia(storage/emulated/legacy/Movies/Mechanic Resurrection.mp4,1)</onclick>

If I click that label, video open in preview window and if I again click on preview window, video display full screen view.

My requirement is, change video mode from preview view to full screen view using same label.

It means,
1. click(or select) on the label - video display on preview view
2. again click same label - video display on full screen view (without click video preview window)

How can I do it?

highly appreciate if any one could help me