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Full Version: [WIP] Retroplayer + IARL in win setup guide
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As a long time lurker in this forum, and a not heavy player of retrogames, I install last compilation of retroplayer (17beta6) and try to configure with my (modest) hardware. Also install & try to configure IARL. And to illustrate this and seve as guide for otrer newcomers, wrote this post. Most user of this forum find it silly or repetitive. Perhaps soon, with retroplayer merge, more people ask the same questions

0- Organization
A- Local folder "emulators". A subfolder for each platform: NES, SNES, MAME, ScummVM ... The roms all together in those directories. Some folder compressed rom and others uncompressed
B- Folder "emulators" in NAS. One folder per platform. Same as above
C- Desktop with AMD A6 3500 & Radeon HD 6350D. 4GB memory. Screen Resolution 1680x1050. Win10
D- NAS Synology DS411j. Network Gigabit. Samba Protocol

1- Installation
A- Download kodi retroplayer setup from this thread
B- Install Kodi retroplayer

2- Basic configuration
A- settings/Interface settings/regional: language
B- settings/Interface settings/regional: keyboard (matching language)
C- settings/Interface settings/regional:region default format
D- settings/Games/keyboard: enable keyboard (?)

3- Add Content
A- Games/Add games. Browse. Local folders. Local folders: SNES, scumm and MAME, etc
B- Games/Add games. Browse. Windows network (SMB) Folders in NAS: NES, SNES, MAME, etc.

4- Configure command (logitech f710)
A- settings/system settings/Input: Configure attached controllers. If it does not show, unplug & plug in again.
B- settings/system settings/input Configure attached controllers. kodi: execute the keys in order
C- Get more...: Add NES, SNES controllers
D- Configure NES, SNES controllers. Same as kodi, configure buttons. Repeat with other desired controllers

5- Internet Archive ROM Launcher
A- settings/system settings/add-ons: activate unknown sources
B- add-ons/install from zip file: zachmorris repository
C- add-ons/install from repository/zachmorris/game add-ons/game providers/IARL
D- configure IARL External launchers/system type: windows.
E- advanced settings/set addon to: provide games (retroplayer only)
F- setup wizard/set me up for: retroplayer

6- Other addon
A- Super favorites? I have seen people recommending it also I have seen that it is discontinued in its development. I have not installed it (yet)
B- Rom collection browser. I have not installed it. I see it complicated and, in theory, retroplayer should take all its functions
C- Other?
Questions about some points

0- Organization
- Any suggestions for better organized roms?
- How to manage: saved games, artworks, poster, nfo ... (one directory per game? Thousands!!)

2- Basic configuration
- I have not touched any other option to those mentioned. That is, all the options are by default. Well, also put it in system/display/display mode: windowed. Any suggestions of better options?
- In games/set up keyboard player 1... I'm not sure how to do it. Especially options like left/right stick. I have not configured it yet

4- Configure controller
- in system/input/peripherals my logitech shows as xbox 360 compatible controller. What are the deadzones for? I have noticed that in tetris-like games, it is very sensitive and difficult to leave them in the desired intermediate position. He sends them from end to end. Does it have something to do?. So, to make it less sensitive should I raise or lower the deadzone?
- in system/input/configure attached controllers... how is it used "fix skipping"? In my logitech controller, what should I press? The text box does not make it very clear to me.
- sometimes, in the controller keys configuration phase, some button stucks. I hold these button but nothing happens. I must hold the next button in the serie and later return on those buttons. "fix skipping" related?
- in system/input/test rumble: my controller does nothing.
- Is there any way to configure combo keys directly from here or do you need other programs? Any advice then to configure save/exit/other combos? Not yet implemented?

- If I use retroplayer, should I configure something else? Do I need to configure retroarch folders? Without them the setup wizard will not run
- Close kodi on launch. Activate or no?
- Use of aditional emulators. An example, please.
Results: playing

1- emulators (tested so far)
A- SNES local. It works (not all games). How to know the emulator used? How save games? How continue games saved games? Is this implemented yet?
B- MAME local (Roms in zip). Some show .bin files inside the zip. Others nothing. When running a bin some do nothing and others show a rectangle and then nothing (or noises). No games working (on what I've tried). Does MAME works?
C- remote NES (roms .nes). Message to choose emulator: Nestopia, quicknes, manage emulators. Nestopia and quicknes both OK
D- remote MAME Local Id local MAME
E- remote SNES (Roms in zip) OK
Basically, this will depend on cores with enabled support for virtual file systems, according to this table (see vfs column). . Are there a resumed list of working cores included in retroplayer exe?

2- Game accessories
A- scummVM. Local uncompressed files (zip does not work). One game per folder. The games work (some i´ve tried). Monkey Island: no sound. Message: "This game has audio tracks in its disk. These tracks need to be ripped from the disk using an appropiaiate Cd audio extracting tool in order to listen to the music games". However there are "trackxx" files in the directory in mp3 and flac format. Something to set?
- The mouse has a somewhat chaotic movement. It does not move in the same proportion as the windows mouse cursor (and I see both)
B- 2048- It works. With the pad. As I have not finished configuring the keyboard, with him, no.

- The first time I play the game it downloads and runs correctly. After stopping it, when I try to play another game (or the same in "last played") the game is not executed. Restarting retroplayer works again. Once
Nice write-up, appreciate the details and time you spent. Hopefully, once Kodi 17 is released, there will be an Official, how to similar to you work.
Kodi 17 Krypton includes controller support. For retroplayer merge (complete) we must wait till kodi18 (at least) or use garbear/irusak compiles. It´s a long wait