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Full Version: stream Windows spotify to kodi (openelec)
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I appologize in advance if this has been asked before in the forum.

My receiver is connected to an Openelec-PC via hdmi, and I would like my receiver to get spotify music.
However I understand that it is (nearly) impossible to get spotify working on openelec.

So I'd like to use my spotify application on my Windows desktop, and stream the current audio on my desktop via the lan to my openelec. That way I can listen to spotify via my receiver.

any ideas. Can this work over Airplay, although I don't have any apple devices.
Not quite the same but I do the following and it may give you some ideas

I have kodi running on a small pc running windows which is connected to my receiver via spdif

at times I want to route the music to other rooms in the house

At which point I start up the following voicemeter banana http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Voi...banana.htm

and route the audio from kodi into this virtual mixer where I pass the output via the lineout of the pc to my receiver and another virtaul feed using their Vban software http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Voi...r/vban.htm

I have vban client(s) running on raspberry pi(s) which I can plug into stereos in other rooms as required.

It works really well, I certainly think you could route spotify from your windows pc to the raspberry pi using this method.

let me know if you need any further details
Solved it.
Let me answer my own question :
- Enable Airplay on openelec (it is in audio settings)
- download Tuneblade.
- Open tuneblade and it discovers your openelec. Connect.
- Done.
Havent heard of tuneblade but i see it actually uses part of the software I suggested. I'll download and try it out to see if it has any advantages over voicemeter banana