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Full Version: Classical music work / movement tags
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Installed MP3Tag 2.80 today, and see in the release notes support for some new iTunes tags (I guess implemented in iTunes 12.5):

Quote: In October, iTunes introduced new tag fields for better tagging of classical music. Those fields include work name, movement name, number and total count and are mapped in Mp3tag to these new field names:

MOVEMENTNAME — Movement name
MOVEMENT — Movement number
MOVEMENTTOTAL — Movement count
WORK — Work name
SHOWMOVEMENT — Flag to trigger showing of classical fields instead of normal title in iTunes (1 = yes)

While the implementation of these fields in iTunes is not yet realized completely consistent, Mp3tag supports all fields for MP4 tags. For MP3 files, iTunes currently writes the work name to the CONTENTGROUP field (while what's added at "Grouping" is only stored in iTunes' internal database). The same applies to the flag SHOWMOVEMENT which is also stored in iTunes' internal database and not in the file itself. There are already several bug reports for that reported to Apple and I expect a consistent implementation with the next release of iTunes.

Something to look at for L----- (Lepton?)

scott s.
Interesting, thanks for that heads up Scott.