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Full Version: Control your lights from KODI (Tellstick Live!)
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Hi everyone,

I have just released my Tellstick light controller for Kodi.

You can setup what action to take place on your devices when you play, pause, resume, stop and end a movie on Kodi.
Works with on/off, dim and also with automatic curtains (up/down commands).

Just go to http://www.templight.se and create an account (if you donĀ“t already have one) and get started today!

Screenshot from Templight.se:

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know i this thread and we can sort it out together!

Best regards
Can you confirm if this is a free service you are offering please?

I have tried this on two differnt Kodi installations, but I can't get it to work.

I have installed the addon in Kodi and copied the password (code) from templight to the settings of the addon.

After that I have created on, off or dimm for play, pause and stop.

Kodi tells me that the add on "Templight Kodi controller" "Play action has been executed", but the on, off or dimm is not performed.

Can you please help me?