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Full Version: Creating a smart playlist with equal amount of songs per genre
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I would like to create a smart playlist with an equal amount of songs per genre. I currently have 5 smart playlists with 100 random songs from a genre and one smart playlist with 500 songs which contains the 5 smart playlists.

I was hoping that I would get a playlist with 500 songs and 100 songs per genre. But unfortunately, that doesn't work. I still get a lot more songs with the soul genre than the other genres, probably because the music library contains a lot of soul songs. All music is tagged perfectly with ID1 and ID2 tags.
I'm searching this forum, website and google for about a month now, but I didn't find a solution. I hope you can help me Smile

I'm running Windows 10 with the latest stable Kodi (16.1).
Sorry but I can't think of away of achieving what you want.