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Full Version: PageDown Press Plays instead of PageDown
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I have Kodi setup so that the "Hash" key on the remote gets mapped to "Page Down" throughout Kodi. This works fine everywhere except within the Music section. When I'm in Music and press the Page Down button (hash), it will play the album instead of paging down.

Going through the log, it looks like it gets mapped properly, but for some reason, it plays...

09:43:22 T:140289939061120 DEBUG: Previous line repeats 2 times.
09:43:22 T:140289939061120 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 476115:000000037ff07be3 00 Hash mceusb (Hash)
09:43:22 T:140289939061120 DEBUG: OnKey: rightbracket (0x29) pressed, action is pagedown
09:43:22 T:140288546805504 DEBUG: CSMBFile::Open - opened smb://USERNAMETongue[email protected]/music/mp3/Dave Matthews Band/Busted Stuff [2002]/D1T01 - Busted Stuff.mp3, fd=10000
09:43:22 T:140288546805504 DEBUG: CSMBFile::Close closing fd 10000
09:43:22 T:140288546805504 DEBUG: Caching image 'smb://USERNAMETongue[email protected]/music/mp3/Dave Matthews Band/Busted Stuff [2002]/D1T01 - Busted Stuff.mp3' to '3/307d485d.jpg':

I was wondering if anybody knew why it doesn't page down when it should. Everything looks like it should work but it just doesn't for me...