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Full Version: Backup / Clone T! Background Settings
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I have multiple AFTV devices and I'd like to transfer my background image settings from one device to multiple other devices. I'm thinking the best way is to pull the correct file with ADB and then push it to the other devices. But I don't know which file to pull / push...if someone can help me, I'd appreciate it!

Some extra information that might be useful:

On the source device, in Skin Settings -> Background, I pointed the backgrounds for each menu item to an NFS location on my NAS. This works perfectly and is what I want to duplicate on the other devices without having to work through each device manually pointing to a separate NFS location for each menu item.

I initially tried using the Backup add-on to backup on the source device and then restore on the target devices--it did a good job at just about everything, but did not duplicate the background image location.

I searched this forum and it looked like it guisettings.xml or settings.xml might hold the relevant information. I pulled those from the source device, but when I looked at them, I didn't see any reference to the NFS locations I input on the source device....so I didn't go further.

it depends on the version of kodi you're running...
anything prior to kodi v16 uses userdata/guisettings.xml
from kodi v16 and up, userdata/addon_data/skin.transparency/settings.xml is used
Thanks...I'm on v16. I'll push the settings.xml file.