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Full Version: Number of thumbnails in list
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I have been using Fanart in Amber for some time and there is something that bugs me...

Scrolling through the movie set one thumbnail at the time, using left/right keys works fine, but is too slow.
So I prefer using the Page Up/Down keys, but they jump too far for my liking.
In my 1080i setup, Fanart displays 7 whole thumbnails, and two partial thumbnails on either side, for a total of 9 movies.
When I press page up/down, the list scrolls 9 positions, and the two partial thumbnails on the sides are never fully visible.

Is there a way to remove the two half thumbnails on the sides, or preferably to get the Page Up/Down buttons to jump 7 possitions instead of 9?
I have been looking at the xml files for some time and could not figure out where this is defined.

Many Thanks, Michael