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Full Version: [BUG?] Kodi randomly cropping videos
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Hi everyone,

I've been having this issue for a while.
I have my desktop connected to my TV and everything works fine on my desktop, for example if I open Chrome and watch a video it fills the entire screen. If I open the same video on Kodi, for some reason it crops the video and leaves black bars where there was supposed to be video This process occurs lots of times during the same video, with some being cropped like 4:3 and then getting bigger. I guess it depends on the videos. Other media players work fine(Vlc, windows media player, etc) Also gpu drivers are up to date if that matters(running on a AMD Radeon HD7950 3GB) Ive already used every calibration tool I can find on Kodi, the arrows and square thingy are all on screen... I've tried with v16, and v17. Still the same problem.

Prints of the issue http://imgur.com/a/heur5 Depending on the video sometimes it crops more other times it crops less...

It's really annoying, what can I do to stop this?, any ideas? The TV isn't auto adjusting, that might have been the case but when the video starts being cropped (sometimes it even jiggles around) the kodi UI itself is still and all on the screen.
Hey, i solved the issue.

The problem was the amd driver on the video settings I had selected home video, which was cropping some videos (only on kodi weirdly enough).

It's solved now I changed to default and it works like a charm.