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Full Version: Issue With WPL Playlist
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First, let me say I've been a long time fan of the Netgear media server (EVA9150). For years nothing came close to the features and simplicity it had despite being a totally unfinished product Netgear bailed on. Also it's very wife friendly. Smile

But after discovering Kodi and an Amazon Fire TV, I'm a convert. Working on getting the wife converted!

So with Netgear, they used NPL playlist files. Basically WPL slightly modified. I was able to convert the NPL files to WPL and copy them to the Kodi playlist directory. Of my wife's 30+ playlists, most work flawlessly. However I discovered one small issue with any playlist that has an & in the song title or artist name. Kodi seems to remove &. So for example the following line is from the WPL playlist

<media src="nfs://'s Singles/Trisha Yearwood & Don Henley - Inside Out.mp3"/>

However when I actually load the playlist I see:

Trisha Yearwood Don Henley - Inside out (no time is listed)

Of course, selecting it gives the popup message that isn't not able to find the song. I've search for a solution but was not able to find one. Thought maybe you need some absolute character marking like a / or something (similar to absolutes in C#) but nothing I tried worked. I tried replacing & in the WPL with /&, /&/, &&, and even /amp; I've even saved the current playlist (from the WPL) as an m3u and the & appears in the m3u file but the song displays with no &.

Nothing seemed to work. As I have many artists and songs that have & in their names I was hoping there might be an easy solution I wasn't able to find in the forums when I search. I should note that if I go into the Artists list, it does correctly list as Trisha Yearwood & Don Henley, and it will find and play the song. So the issue seems to be only related to playlists.

I hope I've been clear in describing this and posted in the correct sub form. Is this a bug or is there a solution?

Well thanks to Windows Media Player I was actually able to figure this out. I loaded up a couple songs the & in the artist name or title into WMP and saved a WPL from within media player. Discovered that in the WPL it created, it used &amp; in places where an & was present. After replacing all my & with &amp; in all my wife's playlists, they all imported perfectly.

Hopefully this will help someone else down the road.