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Full Version: How to install Eminence on Kodi 17?
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Hello peeps,

I hope that someone can help me.. Im coming from Kodi 16 and I did a Clean install with Kodi 17 beta 6.

Offcourse I want to use Eminence, but when I download a zip file from Github, its only 7MB and cannot be installed as a zip file in Kodi..

Can someone give me a hint?
It is on the official Krypton repo.
But where is Version 2.5.13? That is the latest Version if I look in the changelog on github.

2.5.8 is the latest Version in the repo
It will be updated in the next week
Alllright thanks, but for now, Im not even able to install any Version of it. 2.5.8 is not working aswell..

Its only 4,21MB