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Full Version: [Beta 6] Setting Button Not Working Properly?
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New tryer-out on Estouchy - looks good, and much easier to navigate on a tablet than Estuary. Good work.

One question, though... I was floundering around in the Player settings (and similar), pursuing a different Kodi issue... is the settings button (cog) in the bottom-right meant to do anything at the moment? It seems to simply pop up a blank window for me. I presumed this is the Basic/Advanced/Expert toggle, but apparently not.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - Android 5.1.1, Krypton Beta 6. Debug log attached (with ffmpeg and video component logging enabled, I'm afraid, as that was on for my other issue). Look to 14:37:18.026 onwards for when I started navigating around.


I'm wondering if it's just a packaging issue in the beta apk, or a genuine skin bug... or just fat fingers on my part, as I've never used this skin before... Smile
yep, the settings button is certainly supposed to display something and it currently does ;-)
the issue you're seeing has been fixed a few hours after beta6 was released.
Excellent - thanks, Ronie, I did wonder if a nightly was the next stop. It was always possible that it was a work-in-progress, "this window intentionally left blank" Smile